We concentrate on serving the needs of technology focused, emerging growth companies and their management.

With a background which includes major Fortune 100 public corporations, we’ve been able to bring that sophisticated level of support to smaller companies who must operate on a smaller scale (and a smaller budget). Each large company was once smaller. Each company that hopes to grow should anticipate what that growth means.

Because we understand business, we understand value. We strive to provide value. Our success is based on using the right tool for the right problem. Since the range of our experience is broad, the options we provide can be broad as well.

A wise man once said “If all you have is a  hammer, everything looks like a nail.” We have, over the course of our broad experience, developed a large set of tools. Each situation is unique and benefits from considering the full range of alternatives.


We have experience in software and mobile apps, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, energy and cleantech,  government procurement and consumer products.


Our Principal, Bob Flack, has extensive experience both as an attorney and in operating management for major innovative and technology companies including Edwards Lifesciences, TRW (Experian), Mattel , and Diageo.

Before law school, Bob successfully conducted his first jury trial (pro per). As he continued his career, he became more involved in the relationship between legal issues, business management and commerce. While experienced in litigation, it’s often a better business approach to avoid circumstances which foster the escalation of conflict. Litigation costs can be managed as effectively by limiting risk as by efficient management of dispute resolution procedures.

Litigation is a powerful tool, to be used with discretion, along with the other management tools available. ADR can be an effective alternative. Also, amazingly effective can be appropriate management steps which avoid disputes before they escalate.

Bob Flack has served as General Counsel for two Emerging Growth Technology companies and has served many others as outside counsel. He began his career at Stradling, Yocca, Carlson & Rauth in general corporate law and continued with Levin & Hawes, an IP Litigation boutique.

Legal Issues:

Corporate Transactions, Technology Licensing, Commercial Contracts, Employment Agreements, Distribution and Sales Agreements, Government Procurement.

Financing Agreements, Buy-Sell Contingency Agreements, Private Equity Transactions, Debt Restructuring, Debt Arbitrage and Liquidation and Distribution

Corporate Structure & Formation, Governance, and Shareholder Relations.

Litigation and Advocacy, as appropriate. At times, success depends on the resources available only at the largest Law Firms.  As we have often done in the past, we will work closely with major law firms to provide the best support for such major litigation.

Business Issues:

Marketing, Distribution, Strategic Alliances, M&A Transactions, Employment Policy.

Public Relations, Government Relations, Public Advocacy.

Personal Issues:

Personal Real Estate Investments, Family Partnerships, Estate Planning, Trusts, Wills, and Conservatorships.