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To reach us urgently, send both an eMail and call us. We are often in conference where cell phone use is not appropriate.

Sending an eMail with a brief description of the urgency would be appreciated.

Mailing Address:

PO Box 752
Corona del Mar, California 92625


Office Meetings and Conferences:

  • We have found that after a few meetings, many issues can be handled by eMail and telephone calls. Nothing can be as effective as a face to face meeting for important communications.
  • However, we are experimenting with video conferencing to help bridge the gap between personal contact and impersonal phone calls and eMails. If you’d like to consider video conferencing, let us know and we can try it out.

Confidential Communications:

While communications with an attorney are generally recognized as confidential in the United States, this is not true in all countries and in all situations. Please be careful when providing confidential communication in any form. Should you have any doubt, it is best to conservative and call us before committing anything to writing. We use eMail and voice mail for basic communications and do not use this media for important business.