Clients and Relationships

Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation

  • American Arbitration Association, 20+ Years
  • Stradling (Regional Corporate and Securities)
  • Levin & Hawes (IP Litigation Boutique)


    • Abbott Medical Optics (Medical Devices)
    • Allergan (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices)
    • Ametek – Vision Research (IT, Digital Media, Storage)
    • ATT Mobile (B2B, B2C, TeleComm, IT, Services)
    • California Avocado Commission (CPG, Agriculture)
    • CBS Sports (Entertainment, IT, Digital Media)
    • Cisco (IT, Networking, Distribution, Training)
    • ConAgra – Hunt-Wesson, Orville Redenbacher (CPG, Foods)
    • Cray, The SuperComputer Company (HPC, IT, Digital Media, Storage)
    • Diageo (CPG, Beverages)
    • Edwards LifeSciences (Medical Devices and Electronics)
    • El Pollo Loco (Retailing, Hospitality, Restaurants, Food)
    • Experian (IT, Big Data, Financial Services, Direct Marketing, Analytics)
    • Heinz/Ore-Ida (CPG, Foods)
    • Kimberly Clark – I-Flow (Medical Devices)
    • ImmunoTherapy Corp. “ITC” (BioTech)
    • L3 (Defense Technology)
    • Mattel Toys (CPG, Entertainment, Toys, Games)
    • Mazda Motors (Automotive, Transportation)
    • Nissan Motors (Automotive, Transportation)
    • nVidia (IT, Digital Media)
    • Oracle (MDS-BI) (Enterprise Software, Big Data, Analytics)
    • Porsche Cars North America (Automotive, Transportation)
    • PrakTek Venture Capital (IT, BioTech, Medical Devices)
    • TRW (IT, Big Data, Financial Services, Direct Marketing, Analytics)
    • TriStar Manufacturing (IT)
    • United States Government
    • Department of Defense
      Department of Health and Human Services
      Department of Agriculture
      Department of Commerce

      Note: These may be Clients, Strategic Alliance Participants, Employers or Business Associates. The exact nature of the relationship may be subject to the Attorney-Client privilege.